Master Class - Dr Nadia Volf

March 8 & 9, Paris

Theme: "Sleep Disorders"

"Lift up your practice with extra ordinary teachings"




March 8 & 9  2019

Schedule : 10am - 6pm


Auricular Causative Diagnosis Live treatments of patients


Founder of Scientific Acupuncture (Paris XI University) Professor invited at Harvard Medical School


This practical training will allow you to observe Doctor Nadia Volf in complete patient treatments. First, the establishment of the atrial diagnosis, the analysis of the points and zones on the ear indicating the symptoms of the patient, and the manipulations to identify their cause

Master Class's theme: "Sleep  Disorders"

We do not sleep enough, we sleep badly, or not at all, or we sleep too much, we snore or stop breathing ... Most patients, at least temporarily, have problems with the quality of their sleep. Yet it is one of the fundamental pillars of survival, just like breathing and eating! The Auricular Causative Diagnosis (ACD) allows us to find a personalized approach to optimize the quality and duration of sleep of our patients. This approach will be implemented and demonstrated on various patient cases throughout the weekend

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March 8 & 9 2019 - Dr Nadia Volf - Theme: "Sleep Disorders"

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