Dr Nadia Volf

Founder of Scientific Acupuncture (Paris XI University) Professor invited at Harvard Medical School

The highlights of the Master Class

- Causal Aural Diagnosis

- Individualized treatments of voluntary or patient participants

- Clinical Case Analysis

- Finding, understanding and addressing the psychological and 

   emotional causes of various pathologies



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Nadia Volf is a Doctor of Medicine and Science, an IUD Coordinator of Scientific Acupuncture at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Paris (XI) and a visiting professor at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Nadia Volf is an acupuncturist with 35 years of experience. The purpose of his teaching is to share his knowledge on how to identify the internal problem, the origin of the pathology, in order to treat the intrinsic cause of the development of the disease and not just the symptom.

March 8 & 9

Maison de la Chimie, Paris

Theme: Sleep disorders

David Euler

Global expert in Japanese acupuncture Methods Nagano and Kiiko Matsumoto

The highlights of the Master Class

1) Description of a systematic palpation method, easy to learn, allowing an instantaneous diagnosis and an effective treatment strategy personalized for each patient.

2) Deepening of palpation techniques. Obtaining an immediate result on the health of the patient.

3) Analysis of structural and constitutional imbalances, beyond the symptomatic states of the patient, which allows a deeper and more lasting recovery. The most difficult cases can be addressed by integrating all the parameters.

4) Integration of conventional techniques with modern technologies, so as to complement the effectiveness of treatments with non-invasive techniques. All treatment strategies are based on the work and practice of the largest Japanese acupuncturists.

5) Effective treatment strategies completely personalized to each patient.



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David Euler is a recognized international expert in modern Japanese acupuncture, and its integration with traditional Chinese medicine as well as Western medical practices. He developed for over 20 years an acupuncture system based on palpation and abdominal diagnosis, and published founding texts on the subject.

He co-leads an acupuncture course and teaches continuing education physicians at Harvard Medical School. He is known for his very pragmatic teaching style.

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