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"Améliorer votre pratique avec des enseignements extra-ordinaires"

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Dr Nadia Volf Academy

Advanced teachings in  

Causative Auricular Diagnosis & Scientific Acupuncture

for health professionals.

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Auricular Causative Diagnosis

Nadia Volf, MD, PhD

FREE ACCESS - January 30th 7:30pm

Discover how Dr Volf's unique method helps us to understand and determine the real cause of the development of symptoms. Therefore we can treat the cause of the pain, not only the symptom. The therapeutical effectiveness of this causal approach attains an immediate and long-lasting relief of any symptom.

Online webinar

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Reinforcement of the Immune System

Nadia Volf, MD, PhD

3h online teaching

A 3 hours online teaching in order to learn the rules and functions of our immune system and learn the techniques to make it stronger and more efficient. Key points addressed : functioning of the immune defenses, genetic programming, handling acute symptoms, specifics of the coronavirus, practical protocols for prevention.

Online teaching

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